DENTALUX Dental Clinic in Brasov, established in 1996, is the first choice of patients who want to treat any kind of dental disease quickly and painlessly.

Quality dental treatment, performed by a team of recognized dentists, working with state-of-the-art equipment and materials, is the solution for beautiful and healthy teeth.

We put forth everything that is new in the field of dentistry.

Special interventions such as treatments with dental implants are performed at the highest level since 2004, using the most established brands of dental implants.

By means of dental implants, edentulousness, either of a single tooth or multiple teeth, is resolved without affecting adjacent teeth.

DENTALUX constantly invests in technology that helps our team of dental professionals.

Thanks to this technology we manage to achieve all-ceramic prosthetic restorations in a single session!

The CEREC system was developed for prosthetic restorations by digital impression, 3D design and milling of ceramic blocks in CAD/CAM system.

Pain-free dental treatment is one of our main goals.

At the DENTALUX dental clinic this is possible (especially when it comes to children’s dentistry), as the clinic has the most modern techniques to dissipate the patient’s feeling of fear and pain.




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